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Car Talk, Tommy vs. The Marital Industrial Comp...
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This week's Car Talk features a pre-marital marital dispute. Byron and his fiancee can't agree on what vehicle to use for their wedding day getaway--a luxury rental, or Byron's trusty Tacoma pickup truck. Find out how Tom and Ray adjudicate the matter, and why Tommy's about to earn a spot on the Union of Concerned Caterers' enemies list. Elsewhere, Sarah in Iowa wants to know if it's worth investing $20 in a Pops-O-Dent for her dinged Taurus; and seven weeks on an island with no hot water, and hence no shower, has driven Steve to desperate measures--calling us to help fix his jerry-rigged water heater. And if you drive a rental car into a river and it doesn't show up on You Tube, do you really have to tell anybody? All this, and more, on this week's encore edition of Car Talk. [Broadcast Date: May 21, 2010] 1. Language: English. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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